25 Days of Peace

Are you seeking peace?

The invitation is open.

You have been invited to take part in an experiment that has changed the way I look at the world, and those around me.  For the past two years, I have challenged myself to spend the first 25 days of December focused on the idea of peace.  Each day, I chose to write something about peace, about my search for it, or about an expression of it.  It was a challenging 25 days, but it was also incredibly rewarding.  Each day found me wrestling with the concept of peace, and trying to find new ways to approach it in my life.  The next year brought the participation of other contributors, who completed journeys of their own.

You are invited to wrestle with peace as well.

The invitation is simply this.

Spend time each day thinking about peace, and then create something tangible that tries to capture your thoughts on peace.  It doesn’t matter if you create a blog post, take a photograph, write a poem, shoot a video, sketch out a drawing, brush a painting or record a spoken word, as long as you do something to get your mind around the idea of peace, and share it with those around you.  On December 25th, you will have completed this journey, but I suspect you will find the results spilling over into your new year, and into your personal life.

There is no mandated ideology, and no political associations.  You are free to approach the topic as you will.

I can offer you some guidance along the way, but only you can decide to begin this journey.

If you’d like to accept the invitation, take the first step, and let me know on Facebook, or at josh@joshuastairhime.com.  We will connect you to the community and get you some basic ground rules.

Not sure yet?  You can check out the archives of previous journeys to get a feel for what you may be getting yourself into.

Alphabetically alphabetized archives:

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