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I need(ed) your help!

Note: 6-2-13Fundraising has closed, and I will be leaving on Friday June 7th for 10 days in Nicaragua. Thank you all for your help! Watch for videos and pictures shortly after I get back.

Friends and Family,

One beautiful thing about our God is his universal love for all people everywhere in every country.  I have now been on 6 overseas missions trips, and each time I meet people with extraordinary faith.
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Upcoming Projects

The Safest Life – A long form documentary that is in production now, and will cease production in 2015-2016.  It will follow missionaries to the places God has called them to further His kingdom.

Beloved and Fiance – A fictional blog experience written to reflect on the church and it’s connection to Christ

Barry and The Trucker (Tentative Title) – Preproduction and script writing for the future.

Elle/The Remnant – Music video from the studio, now in post production.