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Farewell #watch 28

My master is staying away a long time…

It’s been so long, I begin to forget his face, his voice, his desires.

He left to prepare a place for me in his kingdom, but I sometimes wonder when he intends to return.

Another year has passed, and another watch is being retired tonight. It has oscillated away the cycles that were allotted to it. Somewhere in it’s little digital heart it is breathing a sigh of relief knowing that it has completed its mission. I say to my constant companion over the last year “well done, good and faithful servant”. In all my travels and travails it was an ever present reminder of what time it is.


As it traveled with me, it was used to take the pulse of many Haitians who came to the medical clinic on our last day in Haiti. Continue reading

Farewell #Watch

In 2008  I bought a watch.  The watch was a Timex, and it was beautiful.  It is now August 2012, and the watch is covered with nicks, scratches, and is missing a few parts, just like I am, and yet somehow it is still beautiful.

I bought this watch as the result of a failed outdoor outing that I forced upon someone.  If I could go back and fix the outing, and the forcing, I would, but alas, no takesie backsies on this one.

The watch in question has been with me ever since. Continue reading