Farewell-Watch 27 (2008-2012)

In 2008  I bought a watch.  The watch was a Timex, and it was beautiful.  It is now August 2012, and the watch is covered with nicks, scratches, and is missing a few parts, just like I am, and yet somehow it is still beautiful.

I bought this watch as the result of a failed outdoor outing that I forced upon someone.  If I could go back and fix the outing, and the forcing, I would, but alas, no takesie backsies on this one.

The watch in question has been with me ever since.

It has had it’s band replaced at least once…possibly twice, and has had one battery replaced.  The light button no longer works, and I’ve stopped using it as an alarm clock because when it is under my pillow, it can not be heard.

The watch saw my entire career at TSI which lasted 9 months, and has seen significant parts of my other jobs.

This watch has seen me during moments of financial crisis, and times of seeming prosperity.

This watch has been with me to Nicaragua (twice) and Haiti (twice).

I spent 90 days with me while I was homeless for Shelter 127.  It was also with me for the 40 days we spent in the shelter the first year we did it.  It watched as we raised $15,000 total to rebuild homes in Haiti.

This watch saw the graduation of my youngest brother, and marked time as he was in Afghanistan.

This watch was ticking away during my middle brothers two tours in Iraq.

This watch was there when my Mothers brain tumor came back, when she was told to get ready to die.  Mother is still here, she has outlasted this watch.

This watch was with me on my hunting trip in Kansas with my father.

This watch witnessed the birth of my passion for video, and telling the stories of those who serve Christ.

This watch has seen me at my best, it has seen me at my worst.

It saw me at my best when I finished my first marathon.  It was with me for each of the following 4 (including 2 50k ultra marathons).   It was there when I reconnected with my running partner Max who has been ever faithful and true.

It was there when I failed my 40 mile run attempt.

It was there when I lost 100 mile May 2 years in a row to 3J.

It saw me at my worst when I fell into additictions that have held me ever since.

It saw me at my best when God worked through me to break the hold of those addictions.

The watch saw me at my best when I gave someone something special, and never told them it was me.

The watch saw me at my worst when I tried to buy friendship…when I tried to buy love.

This watch has seen my only two official relationships with girls.  It has also seen the end of both of those relationships.

This watch saw the way I treated those two girls.

This watch was there when I fought with those I cared about, and who cared about me.

This watch was there when my first “crop” of students graduated from High School and moved on to college.

This watch witnessed the ground breaking for the new facility of Dayspring Community Church.

Today, my watch went with me to play bass at a worship night in Fort Wayne.

My watch witnessed 126144000 seconds of my life.  Seconds that are now gone forever.

Today…my watch is being retired, as it has run out of time.

The torch is being passed.

Next year, on this day, I will be retiring it’s replacement watch.  It will have run out of time also.

This will continue year after year, until the moment when I run out of time.

Death comes to all.

I hope to have each watch displayed at my funeral.  I hope that each watch will tell the story of who I was that year.

I pray that my new watch will witness my new best moments.  I pray that I can redeem the small amount of time I have left here on this earth for the glory of the God who loves and created me.

Just like my watch has watched me…He is watching as well.

P.S. Can you think of other stories this watch could tell?  I would love to include them.