Like a bug…(DOP #19 2015)

I spend a lot of my time thinking about how impossible it is for me to really change anything in the world.  It can be a big downer, especially as I spend time writing about peace and realizing how little I can do to bring change the big issues.

I only have so much time, money, and influence.  My resources are limited.

Of course that isn’t the whole story.  While I realize how powerless I am to enact sweeping change, I look at the people around me who are also working towards peace and I am encouraged.

We are all small people, but together we can achieve much.

In Haiti, I kept running into ants.  Small little bugs, that can’t really do much on their own, but together I watched them carry a cracker larger than all of them combined towards their home.  One day I’ll post the video from it, it was mesmerizing to watch.

We are small, but if we find a common goal and strive towards it, we can do huge things together.  The more people involved, the more possible world peace becomes.