Bringer (DOP #20 2015)

Some conflicts are easy to solve.  The person at fault realizes what they have done and asks for forgiveness.  The person who was wronged accepts the apology, and the relationship is restored.  Perhaps this process isn’t even verbalized, but peace is restored because it is obvious both sides are ready.

Other conflicts are not so easily solved.  The deeper the wrong, the harder it is for both sides to find their way back to a peaceful resolution.

It is this kind of conflict we find ourselves in with our creator.  We have all sinned deeply (including and perhaps especially me) and when we do realize our wrong, we are so far gone that we feel the relationship is destroyed forever.

This is where Jesus enters the scene.  As I read the beginning of the Christmas story today in Luke, the words of Jesus in Matthew 5 suddenly snapped into greater clarity.  In Matthew 5, Jesus talks about those who are peacemakers being called children of God.

I always found that interesting, what did Jesus mean when he said  “children of God”?

Today, I was reminded that Jesus is the race maker between us and our Creator.  The child of God has brought peace between two parties that were as far apart as the east is from the west.  When we bring peace to others, we imitate the role of Jesus. We are called children of God.

It is an incredible privilege.

Seek it out.